Answered By: Katja Slonawski
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The libraries at Lund university have two types of books: course books (marked in LUBcat and on the edge of the book).

Course books / "Kursbok"

Course books can be renewed by logging into LUBcat. In the list of loans you can find the column "Renew" on the right. You can easily see which books are renewable and can renew the books you want to keep by marking them and clicking "Renew selected" at the bottom of the page. You can also use the "Renew all" button, but please note that this will not renew books that cannot be renewed.

You can renew a course book up to 10 times if nobody is queuing for it. In the colomn "Renew" you can see how many remaining renewals you can make. Every renewal gives you 14 more days with the book, as the borrowing time for course books is 14 days.

Regular loans

Regular loans cannot be renewed. When logging into LUBcat the "Renew" column will look like this:

Regular loans have a maximum borrowing time of 6 months (12 months for for faculty staff) and are automatically renewed after the first month if nobody is queuing for the book. The renewal will be done automatically up to 5 times for students/other users and up to 11 tomes for faculty staff.

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