Answered By: Katja Slonawski
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No, unfortunately not! When using LUBITO you need to search for the journal where the article you're looking for has been published.

To see if the article is already scanned you click the name of the journal among the search results. Then log in with your student account or, for employees, your LUCAT-id.



When you have logged in you will get to the post of the journal.

In the post you can see the years when articles have been scanned in, and if the year you are interested in appear in the list you can click the year to get to the articles.



If the article you seek is in the list, you simply click the title and confirm that you have read the rules that apply for the material (that you will not spread, copy or publish the article but will only use it for personal, non-commercial purposes). Click submit and the article will be emailed to you.



If the article you seek is not in the system, you can instead click the Order Article-button and then fill out the metadata for the article.


Here you also need to confirm that you have accepted the rules for the material, before you can submit your request.

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