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There are different ways of finding e-books. You can use either LUBsearch, LUBcat or Libris.


1. LUBsearch :

Go to LUBsearch (se link below) and type your search words in the box.

Limit your search result to E-books by clicking on “Show more” below the heading Material types. A window opens where you mark “e-Books” and click update.

A window opens where you mark "e-books" and click update.

Another alternative when using LUBsearch, is going to the ePublications-link on top of the page. You get to another page where you can search for e-books using the searchbar.

Please note that you have to log in with your student account or Lucat (staff)to get access to e-books outside of campus.


2. LUBcat

Open LUBcat (link below). Type your search words in the search box and press "search". E-books are marked with "Elektronisk resurs" ("digital resource"), has "Format:available online" as Material type, and has its own category: "Online access". Click "Online access for Lund University..." to get to the e-book.


3. Libris :
Go to Libris and click “In English” (top of page).Type your search words in the box and click search. On the right hand side of the page, you can limit your search to E-books; first click on “e-resource”, after that on “book” (header “Type”). If you want to limit to E-books available at Lund University Library click on “Lunds universitets bibliotek (header “Libraries”; first you may have to click on “show more”).

You can also go to extended search (green menu on top of page). In the box “Library” type "Lunds universitet" to limit to Lund University Library. After that, open the “Electronic/digitized only” drop down menu (Right side), mark “E-books” and click search.


Would you like to know more about e-books? Please visit our libguide on the subject (see link below).

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