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If you want to create an alert for a specific e-journal you can either use LUBsearch or create an alert directly on the e-journal website.


Creating an alert through LUBsearch

To subscribe to new articles from an e-journal through LUBsearch you need to know the ISSN of the specific title. Click on ePublications in LUBsearch to find out which ISSN the title has.


Enter the journal title and click on Search.



You will find the ISSN (or ISSN:s) below the journal title in the result list.



It is not unusal that you will find two ISSN:s. Copy these and go back to LUBsearch through clicking on New Search. Paste the ISSN:s in the Advanced Search, chose the ISSN-field and combine the search with OR (in case there are two ISSN:s).



When you have done your search please click on Search History, mark the search and go to Save Searches / Alerts. You will now be asked to login with your personal account (if you haven't got any please click on Create a new account).

Name the search, change to Alert and click on create.



You will now receive more settings regarding for example frequency of the alert and format (we recommend that you chose the format Detailed if you want the abstracts to be included in the alert).

You will also be asked to enter your email address and Subject (ie. the name of the email alert you will receive). Fill this information and click on Save to create the alert.

The alert will after that be set up and you will receive emails with the chosen frequency (if you want to you can instead chose to receive a RSS-alert and in this case you need to include the link to your RSS-reader when saving the settings).


Creating an alert directly on the journal web site

Most of our e-journals offer alerts directly from their web sites.

In case you are more interested in this option please find the link to the e-journal through ePublications and check the specific web site for instructions.

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