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How to borrow an e-book can differ depending on which platform the book is available. To be able to download and borrow an e-book you need to have a reader software installed on your computer or mobile device, but which software to use depends on whether the e-book file is protected with DRM (a.k.a. copy restrictions) or not.

E-books with DRM

In many cases e-book files are protected with DRM in order to limit copying, printing, and sharing of e-books. This type of e-books can only be read online or downloaded for a limited number of days before the file becomes unreadable. Examples of e-book platforms with DRM where Lund University have purchased e-books is DawsonEra, Ebook Library, Ebrary and EBSCOhost.

To be able to download and borrow an e-book with DRM you need an Adobe-ID and the reader software Adobe Digital Editions installed on your computer (please install the app BlueFire Reader if using a mobile device). Creating an Adobe-ID and downloading these reader softwares are free of charge. Please however note that you need to authorize your computer or mobile device through filling in your Adobe ID when using the software for the first time.



E-books without DRM

In other cases the e-book is available as downloadable chapters on the e-book platform and all you need is a software that can read PDF-files installed on your computer or mobile device. This type of e-books aren't borrowed for a limited number of days, but instead you can download the chapters you need to your computer or mobile device.



Please note that students and employees need to login with student account or LUCAT to be able to download e-books outside campus. If you don't belong to any of these categories you can only access e-books within the physical premises of the libraries at Lund University.

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